Recently three of our students applied for Chair positions at BEIMUN – one of the largest and prestigious Model United Nations simulations in Asia, held at the International School of Beijing every year.  1500 students attend from about 80 schools around the world.

This year, ISB had about 30 Chair positions for external applicants.  Chairs of committees need to prepare, organize and run groups of up to 100 student delegates.
We are happy to announce that all three applicants were successful.  Crystal ShinMartin Lozada, and Kelly Kim.  Crystal will be President of the Disarmament Committee; Martin the Deputy President of the General Assembly; Kelly the Deputy President of the Human Rights Commission.
This is quite a tribute to the years of MUN service and commitment that these students (and so many other MUN students) have shown over the years here at XIS.

BEIMUN (beimun.org) will be held in March.


MUN Advisors

David Brooker, Sue Shen, Melanie Dillon





  我们非常高兴的预祝三位 Crystal Shin, Martin Lozada, Kelly Kim取得成功。Crystal 将会是裁军理事会的主席 Martin 将是联合国大会的副主席Kelly 将会人权理事会的副主席

  这是对Crystal Shin, Martin Lozada, Kelly Kim还有其他很多参加模拟联合国学生多年来在厦门国际学校的模拟联合国服务和承诺的相当大的赞扬。

  北京模拟联合国(beimun.org) 在三月举行。




                                                                                                                                           MUN顾问:David Brooker, Sue Shen, Melanie Dillon