Students have the opportunity to create their own Rock and Pop bands throughout the year and are encouraged to use the practice rooms to rehearse during break and lunch times. Students have the opportunity to join a chamber orchestra, vocal harmony group, Jazz Band or Soul Band during the year.

Concerts and Events

Throughout the year students have many opportunities to perform and showcase their talents. The Music department arrange 3 annual events, the Winter Concert, International Day and the Summer Jamboree where students are able to perform in groups in a range of styles. Students are given the opportunity to perform in the community. In the past this has involved performing in the many 5-star hotels in Xiamen and working with local schools through community service. Students across Middle and High School have the opportunity to be part of Curriculum showcases that take place in each trimester. House is an important part of the Music programme with students being able to participate in House Battle of the Bands and House Sing Off.


XIS is an active member of the International School’s Choral Society (ISCMS). XIS students have performed in venues such as the Forbidden City Concert Hall, Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre and worked with award winning composers such as Christopher Tin and Karl Jenkins. XIS is an active member of the ACAMIS and regularly attends the ACAMIS Cultural Convention. Attending the cultural convention students are able to explore a range of disciplines in the Arts. In the past this has included Hip Hop dance, Jazz Band, devised theatre, print making and photography.

Arts Tour

Each year the Arts department organizes an International Arts tour that gives students the opportunity to develop further their passion for the Arts.