Applying to an international school is much like applying to a private or an independent school – the “fit” is essential to the success of the child. Our educational professionals will interview and assess the child to determine whether he/she will fit the school’s philosophy and academic rigor. Certain grade levels at XIS are at capacity at various times. Be aware, XIS may have a wait pool of students where sections are full.

Xiamen International School (XIS) often receives more applications than it has space available. All applications are submitted through our online portal and all segments must be complete before the Admissions Office considers an applicant.

There are four possible outcomes for an applicant:


  • All segments of online application are complete
  • Admissions Committee has fully reviewed application
  • Additional documents received (if requested)
  • Admissions Committee concludes that the applicant is a good fit for XIS’s philosophy and academic rigor
  • Acceptance confirmed by administration
  • Admissions Coordinator informs the applicant/applicant’s family of decision for acceptance or placement in the wait pool
  • Wait pool

Steps to Admittance (see above) must happen prior to acceptance into a wait pool

  1. Accepted application goes to wait pool for the specified grade level if there is no space available.
  2. If space becomes available, the Admission Committee selects an applicant from the wait pool on the basis of “best fit” for that particular time and for the need of the school.
  3. Applicants in the wait pool are valid for two school years. Applicants must re-apply if not chosen for admittance within that time period.
  4. Not Eligible
  5. Xiamen International School and the Admissions Committee has determined the applicant is not a good fit for the school. Various factors play into this decision, including, but not limited to, academic history, behavior, admissions testing, learning needs, and/or level of English.
  6. Applicants who are Not Eligible must wait one full school year to re-apply, if invited to do so by the Admissions Committee.
  7. Acceptance with Conditions*

Steps to admittance (see above) must happen prior to Acceptance with Conditions

Conditions that may apply are as follows:

  • Academic performance is under question
  • Behavior is under question
  • History of learning support or accommodations/modifications
  • Any other condition a committee may deem as a condition of acceptance
  • The Admissions Committee will accept the applicant into the school. Once accepted, conditions have to be met in order to maintain enrollment. Applicant’s parents/guardians meet with the division principal to establish a timeline for conditions to be met. Please note: Enrollment may be delayed due to a condition (i.e., awaiting health records, or other paperwork to be complete).

In general, *admitted students must maintain academic prowess with the mainstream program. Continued enrollment is contingent on the student’s needs matching the level of services provided by XIS.

Learning Support/Special Needs

All admissions decisions are contingent upon a match between the student’s needs and the level of services provided by Xiamen International School. XIS does not have the personnel to provide for students with special needs who cannot be accommodated through differentiation in the classroom.

Xiamen International School believes that all students should be able to follow our mainstream program. XIS can provide some testing and on-going professional assistance and limited support to students with mild learning disabilities only. The term “mild learning disabilities” is used to describe students with average or above average intelligence who display a discrepancy between what is regarded as the student’s potential and the level at which the student is currently functioning. Mild learning disabled students must be able to participate in the regular academic program, with some assistance from the classroom teacher (if available) in the elementary or middle school. In certain instances, mild learning-disabled students may benefit from slightly modified approaches in the classroom, on a temporary basis. However, XIS does not normally have the resources to accommodate significant or multiple modifications. Parents must provide all documentation concerning previous assessment, or any past history of learning disabilities, with their admissions application. Failure to disclose such information may result in a student being asked to withdraw. Should it be found that the Student Study Team, counselor or Principal recommends that a student be evaluated for either intelligence or learning disabilities,the parents are obliged to have the evaluation completed in a timely manner, and to assume financial responsibility for the evaluation. Failure to do so will also result in the student being asked to withdraw from XIS if they are not making satisfactory progress.